City Tour Historical Old Town

City Hall, Pomp & Catastrophes


1200 years from Hammaburg to modern metropolis

How a small old Saxon settlement surrounded by wooden palisades becomes a city of millions with a world port can be traced step by step in Hamburg’s historic old town.

Why the people of Hamburg always look at the world in a slightly different way than the rest of Germany is made tangible by buildings, statues and curious details.

On this private city tour through the historic old town ...

… step by step the people of all times and their decisions will come alive. We take a casual stroll through the centuries and get a better and better picture of how the people of Hamburg cleverly and sometimes with questionable methods founded their success. And the city is resurrected like a phoenix from the ashes of catastrophes, new and ever larger:

the old Hammaburg, the 1200 year old nucleus of the city, verifiable on the cathedral square

Hamburg’s wealth and success of the 19th century in the splendor of the New City Hall, the New Stock Exchange and Chamber of Commerce as well as the Venetian-style Alster Arcades

800 years of beer brewing tradition, which founded the prosperity of the city and can be experienced again today in the city’s lively craft beer scene

Traces of new technologies and innovations such as steamships and paternoster lifts, which make Hamburg a leader in Europe and the world time and again

Disasters that are overcome and used for new success: the great fire, cholera and the Second World War

preserved evidence of all epochs: stone foundations of the early days, half-timbered houses of Deichstraße, magnificent office buildings of modern times, the old and new landmarks of St. Michaelis and Elbphilharmonie

A guided tour through Hamburg’s historic old town can be combined with almost any other topic in the city centre of Hamburg to create a very personal private city tour into the centuries of the city’s history.