About me

Tilman Hagner


Hamburg connoisseur and city guide since 2011

I have been living in Hamburg since 2001, and the city has meanwhile become my second home. I love Hamburg’s contrasts, the tension between all its extremes. And the many waters, the harbour …

Already a teenager I was interested in history, I devoured historical treatises and novels. Above all I was fascinated by what it must have been like to have lived in other times: Why did all this come about, how is it connected? What interests, decisions of people were behind it?

I grew up with a lot of music, culture and art history, on vacation my father dragged us to every castle and church and provided us with details about their origin.

As a city guide in Hamburg, I combine a profound background knowledge in these areas with detailed knowledge of Hamburg from many years of city guide activity and current references to politics and urban development.
On my Hamburg city tours I aim to bring history to life, to show the connections. And above all to make visible what is remarkable, fascinating or curious.

My development as a city guide and Hamburg expert

Grown up in the Münsterland region, in the northwest of Gemany, I studied and worked in the Eastern Germany after school and landed in Hamburg in 2001. Here I worked as an engineer until 2009, and then I needed a new perspective, a new direction.

After some intermediate steps I started in 2011 as a Hamburg city guide to offer private sightseeing tours by bicycle rickshaw. So I spent several years „on the road“ and got to know the centre of the city inside and out.

In the meantime, as a private city guide and Hamburg expert, I am at home in all important areas of Hamburg and am slowly becoming part of the city centre myself.
Since 2012 I am a certified tour guide by the Tourism Association of Hamburg (TVH) and also have the quality seal of the TVH.

In 2014, together with several colleagues, we set up a platform for open city tours on foot, for which I am still active.

Since 2017, my new passion has been the port, with its various terminals, the largest container ships in the world and everything else around it. For more than 2 years I have been sailing as a guide for the Jasper Harbour Tour „Face to face with the Giants“, which takes you behind the scenes of the todays port operations.

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