City Tour St. Pauli & Reeperbahn

the rough, resistant Hamburg


Sailor, Squatter, Sex, Drugs & Rock'n Roll

„There is nothing that does not exist in St. Pauli“

St. Pauli is the antithesis of the respectable, rich and Hanseatic reserved merchant city. Here the span and tension that has shaped Hamburg for centuries is clearly evident between the immense wealth from trade and shipping and the often unworthy living conditions of the countless seamen, dockers and day labourers required for this.

In addition, St. Pauli was once a suburb of both Hamburg and the former Danish town of Altona. So it was the border area between the Hanseatic city and Altona, for a long time the second largest city in Denmark, and thus also the border area between Germany and Denmark.

A private city tour through St. Pauli shows ...

… how all these factors have led to what St. Pauli is today: the rebellious, rough part of Hamburg, both a disturbance factor and a source of energy:

former suburban area with the old border Altona-Hamburg still visible today

close relationship to the port, fish auction hall, formerly home to noisy, dirty and space-intensive businesses

Space for subculture, left-wing and alternatively shaped, with stories of resistance and rebellion, e.g. the riots around “Hamburg Hafenstrasse” in the 80s

the Reeperbahn: nightlife, red light, pimps and crooks

lively neighbourhood, freedom for the most diverse life plans, lively neighbourhood

Stage for music and culture: breakthrough of the Beatles in the 60s, theatre mile, live music scene

I will put together a very individual, private guided city tour through St. Pauli according to your wishes.